Adore Cheap Cruises with CruiseZ

Selling cheap cruises is simple; create a website; add the cruises; adjust the prices to beat your competitor and sell lots of cheap cruise holidays that proliferate the pages of websites and shelves of travel agents. CruiseZ is different!

CruiseZ is now run by Adore Cruises the Cheap Cruises specialists

On Adore Cruises you’ll find a plethora of amazing cruise deals and cruise & stay packages from all the major cruise lines.

The stuff written below has been left in place should we wish to revert back to advertising cruise holidays on Cruisez once again. Most of the pages have been redirected through to the Adore website; some though; especially the pages from the cruise lines that Adore do not sell will be moved to I’m Cruising once that website is up and running.

In June 2014 we will also have access to; this site may get used to promote cruises for and on behalf of Adore Holidays Ltd.

We don’t display every cruise under the sun; we don’t trash your brains with cruise x, y and z etc from each cruise ship of each cruise line of each cruise company. Nope! We have selected a handful of cheap cruises that offer something different.

The cruise holidays we have selected all tend to have hotel stays and often additional extras included in the price which means that you are getting far more for your money than with a standard cruise.

In order to show you these cruises we have created individual websites dedicated to just one cruise each, with all the information you need to make sure that you are happy with your selection and perhaps even more so; happy with the price.

Each of these cheap cruise holidays will be listed here to help you decide which one you would like; then simply fill in a form or call us and we will assist you in deciding if it is right for you.

If you want a similar cruise; again drop us a line or call and we will sort you out; though in a nice way.